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Dushanbe - Artuch tourcamp - KuliKalon lake - Alautdin lake - Mutnoe lake - Chimtarga pass - Alo lakes – Zimtut village – Dushanbe


Day 1

Arrival to Dushanbe. Meet and transfer to the hotel. Sightseeing program of Dushanbe - the capital of Tajikistan. Overnight


Day 2

Dushanbe – Ayni town – Fann Mountains – Artuch. Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Fann Mountains via Anzob Pass (3372 m) through beautiful mountains views. Arrival to the camp “Artuch”. Accommodation in the cottages at 2200 m. Rest and preparation to the trekking. Overnight.

Tour camp

Day 3

Trekking to Kulikalon Lakes. Early breakfast. Start of our trekking to Kulikalon Lakes, along the river and through juniper forests. (+500 m, 3-4 hrs.). Camping on the lakeside at 2700 m. Overnight


Day 4

Trekking program. Ascend to the Alautdin Lake trough the pass the same name (3860m). Camp at good place near lakeside. (7-8 km/ 6-7 hrs/+1000m / - 950 m). Overnight


Day 5

Trekking program. Trek to the Mutnoye Lake (3600 m) trough moraines. Camp near Lake and river at 3600 m. 8 km, 4 hrs, +750 m. Overnight


Day 6

Trekking program. Ascend up to the foot of Chimtarga Pass. Camp at 4500 m. (+ 900 m, 4-5 hrs) Overnight


Day 7

Trekking program. Ascend to the Chimtarga Pass (4760 m) and descend till the Bolshoye Allo Lake. Camping on the lakeside. (+260, -1000 m, 10 km, 5-6 hrs.). Overnight


Day 8

Trekking program. Resting day. Option the trek to the Verkhniy Allo.Camp in lakeside. Overnight


Day 9

Trekking program. A long day of walking through the valley of Zindon (the valley of death :-), admiring the beautiful sceneries, first through a labyrinth of big boulders and then by pastures and mountain villages to the route where we will meet our driver. Route to the Zimtut (or Gaza) village and accommodation at home stay. Farewell dinner. Overnight


Day 10

Zimtut (or Gaza) village – Dushanbe. Drive to Dushanbe via Zeravshan valley, along Fon-Dario river and Anzob Pass (3372 m) through beautiful mountains views. Overnight


Day 11

Dushanbe.  Transfer to the Airport



List of Highlights


Kuli Kalon














Lake Kulikalon (big Lake) is situated at an altitude of 2,800m, and is

the second largest lake (after Iskandarkul) in this area. The lake

actually consists of two lakes: Bolshoi (large) Kulikalon and Maly

(smaller) Kulikalon, which are connected by a channel. The

northern shore of the lake is indented with large and small creeks

separated by capes and crevices. The lake shores are wooded. The

water from Maly Kulikalon goes underground and emerges again

600m below as the Urech River. The water at the southern end of

Bolshoi Lake is noticeably cooler than at the northern end where it

is possible to swim. Its colour also changes near the shores. It looks

as if the black bodies of dead animals lie motionless in the bluish-

green water. There are marinka (Schizothorax) fish in the

lake.Kulikalon means 'Big Lake' in Tajik


Alautdin Lake







The Alauddin Lakes are a group of reservoirs upstream in the

Pasrud valley. All the lakes are situated on the steps of ancient and

modern moraines. Pure, clear water pours from one step into

another and the level of water in the lake remains constant. There

are no fish in the lakes. Only the most experienced and

adventurous will bathe in the water for any length of time since it

is very cold.

Mutnoe Lake




Mutnye Lakes is a good base camp from which to attempt these

cliffs. There is no vegetation in the lakes area; all that exists is



Alo Lakes






Unlike Iskandarkul, the Bolshoi (Greater) Allo Lake (3,360m) in the

Zindon Valley was formed relatively recently. In 1916 there was a

large rockfall from the southern slopes of the main range which

blocked the valley. The dam was formed from ancient moraines

blocked by this mighty landslide. "Allo" in Tajik means "echo".



Tour details

The Fan Mountains are a popular tourist destination situated in north-west Tajikistan. The Fan Mountains area is convenient for visiting. A paved road from Dushanbe going to the largest Pamir-Alai lake - lake Iskandarkul - leads to this place via the 3,372m Anzob Pass. Another paved road runs from Panjakent. One more road from Khujand runs through Istravshan (formerly Uroteppa) and the 3,351m Shahriston Pass. The Fan Mountains area road system includes both paved and unpaved roads.


The area is ideal for organizing hiking tours lasting several days. Going from one valley to another, from one beautiful lake to another no less stunning, via numerous rocky outcrops with occasional hanging glaciers, tourists can't help but recognize the fantastic environment through which they are travelling.
Among the most beautiful and interesting peaks (from a mountaineer's point of view) are Chapdara (5,050m), Bodkhona (5,138m), Zamok (5,070m), Maria (4,970m), Mirali (5,120m), and Zindon (4,800m). Both the good and the ordinary routes on the south and west sides of Chimtarga (5,487m), the highest peak of Fan Mountains, lead to its top.
Besides the high peaks and narrow valleys with their noisy streams, which are typical for the Fan Mountains, there are also about 30 clear lakes of a variety of colours.


The daily walking time amounted to 4 to 7 hours of actual walking time. For the hiking days you need a day pack in which you carry the essentials for a day (wind jacket, sweater, water bottle, camera, etc.) themselves. In preparation for this tour we recommend hiking and cross-country runs. Please consult your doctor before start / your doctor and check can be cardiovascular. 

In Tajikistan, we are all-terrain vehicles on the road. In the cities you stay in hotels under its common in middle-class or best private hotels and family pensions with convenient features for us. Please compare the comfort and sanitation districts not with Western European standards. Along the way you will find some places simple conditions. Therefore, understanding and a willingness to adapt and to sacrifice comfort of all participants / interior are expected. Technically simple tent trekking, beautiful mix of active adventures and cultural highlights.



Tajikistan is in the dry subtropical zone. This is an extreme continental climate with cold winters and hot summers. The temperatures reached in the summer months, up to 45 ° C. Between the lower and the higher regions of the country, there are large differences in temperature. The annual rainfall is relatively low so that steppe vegetation dominates



For this trip, you will require lightweight, breathable and warm clothing for the cool evenings and days of hiking and a sleeping bag, which should be proof to minus 5 ° C. For the walks, the usual hiking clothes recommends (including a windproof jacket, also surrounds the ankle, solid trekking shoes with good grip) and a backpack for packing the essentials for every day of hiking. Touring poles can when walking, especially with steep ascents and descents, can be very helpful.


Dates and number of participants

Duration 7 days

Number of participants 2-10

Best season: from the beginning of May till the end of October



Tour details can be changed according to your wishes. For more information please contact us:

p align=the second largest lake (after Iskandarkul) in this area. The lakeThe Alauddin Lakes are a group of reservoirs upstream in the