Trecks in the Pamir


Dushanbe- Kalaykhumb-Jelondi- Turum Taykul- Djavshangoz- Vrang- Khorog- Dushanbe


Day 1

Morning start drive to the Kalay-Khumb, through Tavildara

Valley and Khaburabat pass

Guest house

Day 2

Today drive along Panj river, Tajik-Afghan border to the Jelondi village

Guest house

Day 3

Jelondi- Turum Taykul-

Tent camp

Day 4

Toguzbulok- Lake Kokbay


Day 5

Lake Kokbay- River Djavshangoz-village Djavshangoz

Tent camp

Day 6

Village Djavshangoz- gorge Redjik- lake Vrang

Tent camp

Day 7

Lake Vrang- Vrang pass(5 667)- Vnuku- Village Vrang


Day 8

From Vrang drive to the city, Khorog.


Day 9

Khorog Kalaykhumb

Guest house


Kalaykhumb- Dushanbe ( Possible to continue through Pamir High Way(PHW) to Kyrgizstan)


List Of Highlights



Famous Tajik hot spring, the temperature in the hot spring rises

to 96C

Turum Taykul lake




Lake located in the height of 4 202 m above the sea level, the road

to the lake leads through the narrow gorge, in the road possible

to see summer shelter houses of local shepherds.


Lake Kok bay



Lake near Javshangoz (4 226) beautiful landscape and view,

located in a high plateau  



Tour details

The iconic Pamir Highway" is a fun, very scenic pioneering journey into the remote mountains of the Pamirs with an interesting culture and demanding trekking part. 
During this trip you staying at altitudes over 3,000 m. The valleys here are often higher than the highest mountains in Europe. The risk of altitude sickness is low, but should not be underestimated. Driving in four-wheel drive vehicles through some bad runs set high standards in physical and mental terms. They require from the participants of perseverance and "staying power." In order to offer you during the trial stages the greatest comfort, the vehicles are staffed with only 3 people plus the driver. For people with back problems (eg, intervertebral disc disease) not this trip suitable. Always refer to check before departure of your doctor or health care professional if you have heart and circulation. 
The day hikes as well as the stages of the 7-day trek tents are not technically difficult, but require slip resistance and good condition. These stages are not to be underestimated due to the high altitude (up to 4,600 m) and the harsh climatic conditions. The daily walking times are between 3 and 7 hours. 
For hiking, you need a day pack in which you carry the essentials (such as wind and rain-resistant jacket, sweater, water bottle, camera, etc.). During the trek we will be supported by a local escort. Animals carry the main luggage and camping equipment. The physical well ensures a cook. The typical diet is simple but the food is plentiful. The hiking days you can additionally be supplied with a small lunch box. Active and comradely assistance in all kind of work (for example, setting up and dismantling the tents) must be granted for all passengers. Please draw any comparisons with the best service and facilities in the classic trekking countries. 
In Dushanbe and Khorog you stay in a hotel in the intermediate category, in the Pamirs in typical home stays and during the trek in two-person tents. The private home stays are comfortable but basic accommodation with one or more bedrooms, which are carpeted. You sleep on a mattress on a platform or on the floor. The Homestays offer little comfort and come with clean, but very basic sanitation provided that are usually outside the house. Accommodation in a single room is possible only in Dushanbe and Khorog.



At 7,500 m is one of the Central Asian Pamir to the highest mountain ranges in the world. Accordingly, the extreme continental climate here is very dry and rough. In August and September the temperatures during the day values ​​of 20-25 ° C, at night they can fall below 0 ° C. Even in summer, you have to expect not only in the Pamirs in strong sunlight, but also with light snowfall. In the lower elevations, and in Dushanbe, the thermometer can show up to 30-35 ° C.


During the journey you hold are mainly in higher elevations and must guard against weather changes, wind and cold. The very different climatic conditions according to you need both light and warm, windproof and waterproof clothing. For the trek you need stable, solid trekking shoes with good grip. During the cross-country trips ranging from light sport shoes. For the nights in tents a good sleeping bag is required, which should be fit within the comfort range to -10 ° C. A down jacket makes any colder in the morning and evening hours, good services. Please see our Equipment Checklist for this trip, you will receive confirmation of the booking.


Dates and number of participants

Duration 10 days

Number of participants 2-10

Best season: from the beginning of May till the end of October



Tour details can be changed according to your wishes. For more information please contact us: