(Tajikistan’s ancient gateway)

Khudjand is a city with history over 2500 years. In 329 BC Alexander the Great’s army attacked the city and renamed it into “Alexandria Eschate”. Nowada

ys Khudjand - the capital of Sughd (formerly Sogdiana) region, in the Soviet time - Leninobod straddles the Syr-Darya (Jaxartes) river and penetrates in the beginning of Fergana Valley.

As the sun sets behind the Fann Mountains, the 14th century Sheikh Massahad-Din Mausoleum and the Panjshanbe bazaar, one of the Central Asia’s liveliest; Khudjand offers what is undoubtedly one of the most evocative cityscapes in Tajikistan. Here you can visit and enjoy Arbob Palace, 10th century citadel, Museum of Archeology and Fortifications as well as Regional History Museum, “Atlas” (silk) 

factory, ornate tea-house “Choikhonai Azizon” – one of the finest examples of Tajik national carving and painting. Also, don’t miss day trip to the nearby Kairakkum Lake (Tajik Sea), small cities around – Chkalovsk (Khudjand International Airport), Gafurov (train station of Khudjand) and Kairakkum as well.