Roshtkala district encompasses the whole of the Shokhdara valley which flows predominantly south-west to its confluence with the Ghunt at Khorog. Shokhdara is one of the prettiest, more intimate valleys of GBAO. Roshtkala town, the district capital, is about 30 km upstream from Khorog. The name means “Red Fort”. The fort, built in the 9-10th century (ruins only) was once the




There are many interesting archaeological sites also in the Shokhdara valley (Roshtkala district). The remains of castles can be seen in:
 capital of Shugnan.

  • Roshtkala (district centre);
  • Shashbuvad village (118km from Khorog);
  • The fort of the last Mingbashi (the ruler of Shokhdara) in Sindev;
  • In Jawshangoz plain there were clashes between nomadic Kyrgyz and settled Tajiks in the 18-19th centuries, as well as the ruined fort from the 2-3rd century and views of Karl Marx Peak to the south.
  • The valley of the Djavshangoz river with Derudj castle (5-7th century). Moreover, a lot of shrines can be found in Nimos, Sezhd, Bidiz, Ambav, Baroj, Shuvjev, Tavdem, etc.