Vanj is a district in east of Tajikistan, in the north-west of GBAO. It is located east of the Panj River at the point where the Panj turns from north to west. It is roughly rectangular, tending to the southwest. It is bounded on the west by the Panj River and Afghanistan, on the north-west by Darvaz, on the north by the Darvaz Range and Farkhor District of Khatlon Province. The Vanj valley is broader and more fertile than other valleys feeding the Panj. Vanj tow is about 20 km upstream from the Panj. At the head of the valley, beyond the village of Poi Mazor, the river turns southeast and is fed by the Geographical Society Glacier near Independence Peak. Beyond the head of the valley are the Academy of Science Range and the Fedchenko Glacier.

South, on the other side of the Vanj Range, is the valley of the Yazgulem River. The Vanji language, formerly spoken in the valley is extinct.

Shrines can be found in:

  • Poi Mazor (Sardi Sayid, Sardy Bard, Abdulkakhori Sarmast);
  • Vanvan (Khojai Sabz Push);
  • Ubaghn (Alexander’s tomb).